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Sending plant samples in Bioreba bags to Naktuinbouw Laboratories

Publicatiedatum: 6 september 2023

Five years ago Naktuinbouw Laboratories switched to the use of Bioreba bags for all leaf tests for PCR and ELISA testing. If the samples were not delivered in Bioreba bags, the costs (purchase of the Bioreba bags, the extra time and labour) to transfer samples into Bioreba bags were not charged to the client. This is going to change. As of January 1, 2024, there will be a handling fee for samples that not have been delivered in Bioreba bags. This handling fee is € 2.40 per sample.

Why do you supply material in Bioreba bags?

Many virus tests today are performed with sensitive methods. As a result, possible infections can be detected at an early stage. Virus tests can also detect any cross-contamination between (sub)samples.

By correct sampling / delivery, you can prevent cross-contamination when harvesting the samples. This gives the laboratory a uniform, robust working method. Supplying in Bioreba bags has the advantage for you that the chance of cross-contamination is reduced and the proces of testing is faster.

How do you send the samples in Bioreba bags?

You send Bioreba bags open. So you don't have to staple or seal it. You can bundle the bags with an elastic band. The outer bag or box must be closed.

Shipping address for samples:
attn. Administration Laboratories
P.O. Box 40
2370 AA Roelofarendsveen

Where can you order Bioreba bags?

You can order the Bioreba bags by yourself. For small quantities (up to 100 bags) please contact Naktuinbouw, telephone +31 (0)71 332 6150.

Manuel for sampling of plant material for virus tests (with Bioreba bags)

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