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Nigerian delegation visits Naktuinbouw

Publicatiedatum: 7 juli 2023

A Nigerian delegation visited the Netherlands last week. Key officials from NASC and the Collaborative Seed Programme came to the Netherlands to learn from Dutch knowledge and experience about seed quality assurance systems. They started at Naktuinbouw on Monday 3 July.

National Agriculture Seed Council (NASC), Nigeria is preparing to conduct a pilot on different models of seed quality assurance system to overcome the challenges related to the efficiency and quality service deliveries to the seed companies and various other clients. This pilot activity is part of the Collaborative Seed Programme (CSP) Nigeria. The study visit is to gain the knowledge and experiences of the Netherlands on seed quality assurance system that contributing to build the capacity of NASC.   

The objectives that are integrated in the study visit: 

  • To learn the experiences of Netherlands on seed quality assurance system.  
  • To join in the training/short-internship in Netherlands on seed quality assurance system of tomato and potato crops.  

During this week they also have visited NAK, NVWA/NPPO, WCDI and different seed companies. 

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