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New real-time RT-PCR tests for plant material for horticultural crops


We introduce new real-time PCR tests for the verification of foliar nematodes and the burrowing nematodes in leaf, roots or soil samples.

The real-time PCR is a technique for rapid amplification of DNA

This is done with the help of pathogen-specific building blocks. The amplification in DNA can be monitored digitally at any time. This makes it possible to confirm with more certainty whether the pathogen is present.


Aphelenchoides spp.

Leaf nematodes consist of different species and are found in various crops. Four leaf nematodes are important for horticulture: A. besseyi, A. fragariae, A. ritsemabosi and to some extent A. subtenuis. The species are very similar in appearance. The use of a verification PCR contributes to the confirmation that the species has been correctly determined based on its morphological characteristics.

Rodopholus sp.

The root necrosis nematode R. similis mainly causes damage in tropical crops by affecting the root system. Samples are sent in from all parts of the world and may contain unknown nematodes. The verification PCR gives an extra confirmation that the found test result is correct in a simple and fast way.

New verification testsing for Aphelenchoides spp. or Radopholus sp

Planting material

  • Sample: 25 grams leaf
  • Rate basic test, incl. verification test: € 46,00
  • Test duration: 5 days


  • Sample: 30,000 seeds
  • Rate basic test, incl. verification test: € 46,00
  • Test duration: 5 days


  • Sample: 200 ml
  • Rate basic test, incl. follow-up test: from € 69.00
  • Test duration: 5 days

* For basic fees, see the 2023 price list for Laboratories.

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