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New blotter test for testing cucurbit seeds

Publicationdate: 29 mei 2024

As of June 1, we introduce a new blotter method to test for the presence or absence of Alternaria cucumerina on cucurbit seeds.

Blotter method

The blotter method is a technique to facilitate growth of the possible presence of the pathogen. This is done by placing seeds on filter paper. By incubation over a period, at a specific temperature, the growth of the pathogen on the seeds can be scored. The specific characteristics of the pathogen make identification by morphology good possible.

Alternaria cucumerina

Alternaria cucumerina is a fungus that causes Alternaria leaf blight in cucurbits. The pathogen is known to be present worldwide and causes problems in cucurbits. Although most cucurbit varieties are resistant to the pathogen, the pathogen is considered a quarantine organism in Mexico. Transmissibility of this fungus via seeds has not yet been confirmed.

Alternaria cucumerina on seed of cucurbits

  • Test code: ACF002
  • Sample size: 200 untreated seeds
  • Test fee: € 127
  • Duration test: 11 days

Naktuinbouw Laboratories supports the sector

To support the sector, Naktuinbouw Laboratories continues to develop new tests that can support diagnoses on plants and seeds with symptoms or just checking for and guaranteeing absence from certain plant pathogens.

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