Inspection, sampling and hygiene in horticultural productions

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Prevention is good, checking and measuring (in sampling and testing) is better, knowledge and understanding is best!

For decades, Naktuinbouw is organizing workshops and trainings for propagation material in Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (plants, cuttings, fruits, soil, etc.). These courses are not limited to the Dutch market. Companies and propagators all over the world can achieve the knowledge and benefits of technical expertise in the following specific areas.

All in one!
We are happy to present you a format for our Englisch training week. In this design we combine the overlap of knowledge topics in the field of company hygiene, plant sampling and field inspection in a merged training program.
The trainer will establish connections between the various disciplines, and our quality management systems (NAL, ASLN, NAFI, GSPP, Elite) and makes a valuable translation into the daily practice.

Starting date: June, 16 2025

Target group
This training course has been specifically developed for staff members who do manage, supervise, instruct and/or monitor non-managerial staff (daily staff) such as production leads, foremen, cultivation, and coordinators in vegetable and/or ornamental nurseries and seed companies. 
Level suitable for practitioners. No scientific level.

  • Starting/finishing date: In the week of June 16 till 20 - 2025 (4 day's) 
  • Duration: 4 x 6 hours excluding preparation and assignments before or in between
  • Location: Naktuinbouw, Roelofarendsveen, The Netherlands.


A mixture of theoretical introductions and practical cases, exercises, assignments and discussions. The course will be given in English.


  • Field inspection methods (scouting)
  • Plant diseases: life and spread of pests and diseases
  • Sampling techniques and diagnostic and ad random probes
  • Detection and determination (incl., what to do in case of emergencies)
  • Conducting risk assessments (basics)
  • Company hygiene in daily practice
  • Disinfection means
  • Discussion/ clarification of common ground with Elite Ornamental/NAL/ASLN

Our training programs are designed with a central philosophy: ‘learning from and with each other in a safe environment.’
Our interactive training sessions encourage participants to actively engage by sharing their own work experiences, insights, and specific company information such as work instructions, procedures, and protocols and images.
Part of the knowledge exchange as part of the curriculum is included in homework assignments. This takes approximately 2 hours of your working time. 

During the course, participants will gain insight into and obtain background information of the nature of pathogens and their relation to host plants and environment. They will learn how to recognize symptoms and which control measures need to be implemented, if any suspected plants are detected in the greenhouses and/or production. The basic principles of company hygiene will also be explained, whereby good site management and risk assessments are part of the curriculum. Participants will be taught how to critically assess situations in daily practice. These skills can then be used to implement in daily practise or to motivate their colleagues to work according to the hygiene protocol.


2025 Training fee: € 2,350 (includes course related costs such as materials, catering and administration, but excludes board and lodging and VAT). 

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