Adjustment authorisation of not yet listed vegetable varieties

EU directive 2004/842/EG (January 2005) allows seed of varieties of agricultural and vegetable crops which have not yet officially been listed in a national list or catalogue to be placed on the market with authorisation. Naktuinbouw is responsible for granting this authorisation for vegetable crops in the Netherlands. Vegetable seed covered by this authorisation must state the following on the packaging ‘variety not yet officially listed’. We accept requests for authorisation for all applications of vegetable varieties, regardless if the material is generative (seeds) of vegetative. 

Overview of all authorised varieties

About the variety test

Varieties for which an application for authorisation has been submitted are ‘notified’ first in the EU. This means that the applications are announced to all EU member states. If no objections are filed, then the decision granting authorisation for one year is usually given within two weeks. This authorisation can be extended by a maximum of two years.

Authorisation granted by Naktuinbouw concerns seed marketed by Dutch seed producers or their representatives established in the Netherlands. The companies will receive written confirmation containing their authorisation data.

At the moment of filing an application for plant breeders' rights and/or listing you can just tick the box on the application form PBR/listing to request authorization. If you want to request authorization at any later stage, send the form Aanvraagformulier verzoek toestemming verhandeling van nog niet toegelaten rassen to Bureau for plant varieties.


The Inspection Department provides this service.
You can find the fee in the price list of Inspections on our Dutch website, page 12.