Variety Tracer

Establishing the identity of plant varieties (variety identification) and/or species is becoming increasingly important. Naktuinbouw offers the possibility of establishing the identity of your material using DNA fingerprinting techniques. This can be used to identify aspects such as non-compliant plants, mix-ups and delivery errors. We investigate at the DNA level how many varieties and species are similar to or differ from each other. This gives you an understanding of the genetic relationship or diversity of your sample.

About the test

Using modern DNA techniques, we can determine the genetic fingerprint of a pathogenic bacterium and therefore identify it. This can also enable the origin of an infection to be identified. 

The analysis of isolates of plant pathogenic bacteria (e.g. Cmm and Xcc) and the comparison of profiles, mutually or with profiles stored in a database, provides insight into the genetic relationship between isolates that are found. The results can provide more information on the links between the various isolates found.

These techniques can also be used if an infringement of Plant Breeders' Rights or an imitation is suspected. 


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Variety Tracer