Third country synonyms

It is possible to use outside the EU a third country synonym for a variety listed in the EU - or in application to be listed.

About the variety test

The DUS examination has to be performed in The Netherlands. Not for varieties with Plant Breeders' Rights in The Netherlands or in EU.

Criteria for the acceptance of a third country synonym:

  1. The request has to be sent in by letter or e-mail mentioning the intended area or country of marketing.
  2. The applicant has to be the maintainer of the variety.
  3. The variety has to be listed or has to be an application for listing in the Netherlands.
    NB: Varieties which have been applied for listing before the 1st of January 2014 in the European Union may be subject of a third country synonym. After the 1st of January 2014 only varieties which have been listed or applied for listing in the Netherlands can be subject of a third country synonym.
  4. Per variety only one third country synonym per third country is acceptable.
  5. Varieties which have been granted Dutch or European plant breeders rights, are excluded.
  6. The third country synonym has to fulfill the EU naming rules as these are adjusted for an application for listing in the Netherlands. In case of objection, it may be possible that the third country synonym will still be acceptable under certain circumstances, e.g. in some cases when the denomination is already included in a national list outside the European Union.


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You can apply for a third country synonym by sending us an email. Naktuinbouw deals with such a request strictly confidential.