Cooperation with US on plant variety protection: lower fee for lettuce

News publication date: 29 January 2020

A technical examination for American Plant Breeders’ Rights needs additional characteristics, measurements and photo’s on top of the UPOV characteristics. In close cooperation with Naktuinbouw the US PVPO adapted the list of morphological characteristics for the crop lettuce. The characterististics are now more in line with those of UPOV and CPVO. As a result of this Naktuinbouw lower the fees for a technical examination for American Plant Breeders’ Rights for lettuce, if this technical examination is combined in one trial with the DUS test for listing and national/European plant breeders’ rights.

DUS-onderzoek Sla

The new fee will be shown on our website very soon

The lower fee is also applicable for lettuce varieties that were recently tested on DUS by Naktuinbouw, if in that DUS test the current CPVO protocol was used.

The new list of characteristics (exhibit C) can soon be found on the website of US PVPO.

More crops to follow

We hope to continu our cooperation with the US Plant Variety Protection Office, to align the description form also for other crops. Are you interested in a specific crop? Please, let us know.

Do you have questions?

Interesting service? Inform us before 5 February whether we can test a lettuce variety for you. If you send us the sample before 1 March, we can examine it this year. Read more on the examination for American Plant Breeders’ Rights on our website. You may send your questions and applications for this service to Anne Louwers.