Changes to the Internal list of Naktuinbouw and Third Countries synonyms

News publication date: 22 December 2021

Naktuinbouw examined the Internal List and Third Countries synonyms and investigated where we could make them more efficient and user-friendly. Discussions were held with various advisory committees on which points this was possible. What exactly will change?

Tomaten aan de plant


  • The sample submission is canceled for the application for the Internal list. When there is a conflict, Naktuinbouw requests a sample from the applicant for the variety.
  • The requested area, region or country listing is optional for both the Internal list and the Third Countries thesaurus. You are no longer bound to the specific country, region or area specified.
  • The name checks will be more flexible for both instruments. It will soon be possible to use a variety name for multiple countries.
  • Both lists are not published publicly.
  • These instruments only apply to vegetable crops subject to registration.
  • The new working methods will come into effect on January 1, 2022.