Samples from countries outside the EU

When plant or seed samples intended for destructive testing are imported from outside the European Union (third countries), a phytosanitary certificate or an accompanying letter from the NVWA is required.

If a phytosanitary certificate is not available, samples can be imported on the basis of an exemption from the Plant Health Directive (2000/29/EC) for the destructive testing of samples. In that case, the accompanying letter from the NVWA must be sent with the shipment. Place the document in a plastic self-adhesive transparent sleeve on the outside of the packaging. Also affix the accompanying label to the packaging so that it is clear that the exemption applies.

Imports of plant material and seeds for destructive testing are permitted for horticultural crops. Some specific plant species may be subject to an import ban. It is not permitted to import soil and growing media into the EU. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us.