Testing variety denomination

Your company developed a new agricultural variety and you want to know if you can give a proposed denomination. Naktuinbouw can check this denomination in advance.

The result cannot legally granted. Only after the denomination is applied for an application for listing or Plant Breeders’ Rights the CPVO gives an advice about the proposed name. It is possible that there is an observation.

About the test

To test one or more names, please complete the form. Naktuinbouw testst the denomination(s) on the basis of the Guidelines with Explanatory Notes and the CPVO Variety Finder. The result will be received within 5 days. After approval of the denomination(s) you can submit the variety name for application for listing and/or plant breeders' rights, internal Naktuinbouw list or as third country synonym.


Send in your application for a check of your denomination(s) by e-mail.
We send you the results within 5 (working) days.


For testing one or more variety denominations, complete the form.

Denomination test


No rights can be derived from the result of a name test. Only after the name has been submitted as a name proposal for an application for admission or breeders' rights, the CPVO issues an advice on the proposed name. It is possible that the name is then still objectionable.