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Podcast #1 with John van Ruiten about Naktuinbouw

Publicationdate: 25 april 2024

John van Ruiten's almost 40-year career at Naktuinbouw will end soon. In a fascinating conversation in Dutch, John shares his experiences and knowledge about Naktuinbouw and its position.

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In this podcast

  • What does Naktuinbouw do? Van Ruiten explains that Naktuinbouw is involved in plant variety research, inspections, tests, and analyses of plant material.
  • Plant material in the Netherlands and internationally: He discusses examples of plant material, ranging from vegetable seeds to forestry material. He explains how Naktuinbouw ensures that this material meets expectations and requirements, both nationally and internationally.
  • Origin of Naktuinbouw: Van Ruiten takes us back in time to the origins of Naktuinbouw, which emerged from initiatives by farmers and horticulturists themselves to ensure the quality of plant material.
  • Role of Naktuinbouw within the government: He explains that although Naktuinbouw is not directly part of the government, it closely collaborates and is supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).
  • Independence and quality assurance: Van Ruiten emphasizes the importance of Naktuinbouw's independence and how it is ensured through certification and accreditation.

Additionally, John van Ruiten discusses how Naktuinbouw can influence legislation, how it addresses questions about its independence, and how it shares knowledge with domestic and foreign delegations.

The conversation provides a fascinating insight into the world of research and quality control, with John van Ruiten as an experienced guide. This is the first podcast in a series of five parts.

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