First NAFI certificate awarded

News publication date: 08 June 2018

On 7 June, Adrie Molenaar, Manager Team International Systems of Naktuinbouw, presented the first NAFI certificate to Vincent van Bentum from Enza Zaden. NAFI stands for Naktuinbouw Authorized Field Inspection and indicates that Naktuinbouw recognizes the results of field inspections of the company under the scope.

NAFI is part of the verification program for seed production and market access, which also includes NAL (Naktuinbouw Authorized Laboratories). Since 2017 it is possible to participate in NAFI and Enza is the first company with a recognition.


  • It helps participants to take the monitoring of seed productions to a higher level. I
  • It can be become a system where Naktuinbouw can rely upon results concerning official inspection.
  • The law now requires that inspection in the context of issuing phytosanitary certificates is done by an inspection body, under the final responsibility of the Dutch NPPO, NVWA. We are working to ensure that the results of company inspections under NAFI can also be used in the future.
  • The aim is that foreign NPPOs also receive (justified) confidence in this system.

For who is NAFI?

For the moment NAFI will be the exclusive domain of seed companies: companies with production and marketing of seeds from their varieties as core business. In the future it may become open for and extended to other branches (e.g. arboriculture, plant nurseries). 

How can companies become authorized?

When companies comply with the NAFI Conditions, which can be found on the Naktuinbouw website.

The NAFI Conditions are based upon for this purpose relevant requirements, like the Inspection Regulations Naktuinbouw, OECD Seed schemes and the EU Plant Health regulation 2016/2031.