'Framework for the introduction of Plant Breeder's Rights, Guidance for practical implementation'

Book about the use and application of Plant Breeders' Rights, with the title:  ‘Framework for the introduction of Plant Breeders’ Rights, Guidance for practical implementation’

This Plant Breeders' Rights book offers support with the implementation of plant variety rights in countries that are considering a breeders' rights system based on UPOV system or who just have become members of UPOV.  

The price of this book is € 30,- (including shipping and sales tax) via this form (in Dutch).

This book (in English) is written by Mr Dr. Ir. A. J. P. van Wijk and Dr. Ir. N. P. Louwaars  and contains the following chapters:

  • History and objectives of protecting the breeders' interest
  • UPOV Plant Variety Protection System
  • The Plant Variety Development Chain
  • Examination of the new variety
  • Institutional arrangements
  • Steps towards the implementation of a PBR system
  • Challenges in implementing DUS examination
  • Cost aspects of a PBR system
  • Using Plant Breeder's Rights: Commercial aspects
  • Acceptance of a Plant Breeder's Rights system
  • Legal issues and options
  • Relationship between Plant Breeder's Rights and international obligations on biodiversity