Material for destructive testing

Shipments of plant or seed samples for research purposes, which will be destroyed after testing, from outside the European Union (3rd countries) need to be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate or a letter addressed to the Dutch NPPO. 

If a phytosanitary certificate is not available, samples can be imported with a dispensation for receiving samples from third countries, for the purpose of destructive testing. The sample must be accompanied by a letter from the Dutch NPPO. You can request this letter from the laboratory by completing the form on this page.


  • This option is limited to imports of (plant) material that is not listed as prohibited. An import ban applies to certain varieties of plants, as well as to soil and growing media.  This list states which crops are prohibited.  
  • Material that is already known or detected to be infected with a quarantine organism or an organism worthy of classification as a QO (QO or QwO) may not be imported.
  • The quantity of material submitted must not be larger than necessary for the destructive test.

If the material is already infected with a QO or QwO, you can apply to the NVWA for dispensation from the import prohibition. This is called an Import Licence.

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