ASLN (Authorized Service Laboratories Naktuinbouw)

Authorized Service Laboratories Naktuinbouw (ASLN) is an authorization system aimed at laboratory testing of soil, plant material and/or seeds. The ASLN system is intended for service laboratories.

About the inspection

ASLN authorized laboratories can use the results of tests to safeguard the health of propagating material:

Naktuinbouw bases ASLN authorization on three principles

  1. working using Naktuinbouw approved protocols
  2. the results of proficiency tests organized by Naktuinbouw
  3. the results of the annual audits

Laboratories that work in compliance with the ASLN Conditions give their clients the assurance of reliable test results. Authorized laboratories will be granted the ASLN certificate. An ASLN authorized laboratory can only issue a laboratory report if the results concern a crop that is covered by our inspections.


The ASLN conditions are based on various directives and criteria. A complete overview of these conditions can be found in ASLN conditions.


ASLN authorization consists of three modules: quality assurance management system, sampling and testing.

  • Quality assurance management system
    The quality assurance management system module sets requirements for organization, education and training of employees, the quality manual, document registration and management, audits, complaints, management responsibility and proficiency tests.
  • Sampling
    The sampling module sets requirements regarding how sampling takes place and is dealt with at the company.  This applies to sampling of seeds as well as (parts of) plants and soil.  This is an essential part of the system, as without a good representative sample there can be no relationship between the test result - no matter how well the test was performed - and the particular lot of material delivered, or parcel of land, concerned.
  • Testing
    The testing module sets requirements regarding how testing is performed at the laboratory.  The test protocols must be approved by Naktuinbouw. ASLN also sets requirements regarding the facilities, equipment, reference materials, subcontracting, laboratory results and purchasing. 


The Naktuinbouw board establishes our inspection fees each year. The fees are subsequently approved by the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The costs are charged based on the cost-maker cost-bearer principle. The fees for inspection can be found here Rates/fees.


Would you like to apply for authorization for your laboratory, or would you like more information about our authorization system? Please contact Bureau TIS (see below).