Fees Variety Testing 2019

To all services and products of the Variety Testing department the terms and conditions of Naktuinbouw apply.

See for the fees for the DUS tests the website of Raad voor plantenrassen.


  1. Vegetable crops
  2. Agricultural crops
  3. Ornamentals and arboricultural crops
  4. Fruit crops, Plant Breeders' rights and/or listing etc.
  5. Test of a denomination before any application
  6. Modifications/information regarding varieties
  7. Vegetable varieties outside the EU
  8. Variety Tracer
  9. Resistance 


1. Vegetable crops

Fees 2019
(excl. VAT)
American Plant Breeders' rights, technical examination, outdoor growing, per growing cycle€ 1.534,00
American Plant Breeders' rights, technical examination, greenhouse growing, per growing cycle€ 1.878,00
Varietal trueness and/or varietal purity, outdoor growing€ 166,00
Varietal trueness and/or varietal purity, outdoor growing, twice as much plants € 332,00
Varietal trueness and/or varietal purity, greenhouse growing€ 408,00
Varietal trueness and/or varietal purity, greenhouse growing, twice as much plants€ 816,00
Test under artificial light (onion, beetroot, carrot)€ 228,00


2. Agricultural crops

Fees 2019
(excl. VAT)

Pre-test on juvenile characteristics of Kentucky bluegrass € 166,00
Determination bolting date grasses for VCU test € 252,00
Verification grass varieties in row trial (forage grass) € 124,00

3. Ornamentals and arboricultural crops

Fees 2019 (excl. VAT)

Rose - Credit 75% of the costs for the DUS-test after the final application date of rose

As from 1 January 2019 we will credit the withdrawals with 75% of the costs for the DUS-test. We will do this for withdrawals which have been made after the final application date of Rose (actual situation: 15 November). This percentage is in line with the CPVO-policy. We have the opinion that we herewith justify a partly compensation of the costs at the side of Naktuinbouw.


4. Fruit crops

Fees 2019
(excl. VAT)

Processing of a test variety, processing per variety in the Naktuinbouw system

€  77,00

5. Test of a denomination before any application

Fees 2019
(excl. VAT)
Pre-denomination test, a single denomination (form)€ 24,00
Pre-denomination test, 5 or more denominations at a time (use Excel format)

 €  7,00


6. Modifications/information regarding varieties

Fees 2019 (excl. VAT)

Variety description, modification

€  75,00*
 *Plus test fee, if needed. 

Variety description - English version

  €   11,00
Variety description - German or French version€ 110,00
Variety description - Spanish version                                                                                  €   480,00

7. Vegetable crops out the EU

Fees 2019
(excl. VAT)
Internal Naktuinbouw list, application with sample - inclusion for 5 years€ 215,00
Internal Naktuinbouw list, application for which the sample is not sent immediately, but within 1 year € 322,00
Internal Naktuinbouw list, renewal for 5 years€ 215,00

Thirdlandsynonym, testing and registration

€  52,00
8. Variety TracerFees 2019
(excl. VAT)

To request an offer for Variety Tracer, please contact Team Support.

According to offer
9. Resistance Fees 2019
(excl. VAT)
Standard resistance tests (RES toetsen - GB.xls) , per isolate€ 144,00
Resistance test lettuce Bl: 16, 20, 21, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 33 and 35 per isolate€   67,00
Test developmentAccording to offer
Isolate collection (Isolatenlijst 2018), per isolate€ 320,00
Isolate determination, Bremia lactucae (IBEB members get a discount of 20%)€ 356,00
Isolate determination, Peronospora farinosa f.sp. spinaciae € 314,00