Complaints regarding propagating material

You can submit a complaint to Naktuinbouw about supplied propagating material, or in the case of disputes between a supplier and a buyer concerning the quality of the material.

Terms and conditions of the complaints procedure

Various terms and conditions apply to our complaints procedure. For a start, a buyer and a supplier must have first contacted one another to try to solve the complaint themselves. Only if those efforts fail can the two parties approach Naktuinbouw for an independent judgment.

Handling of the complaint 

In the event of a complaint regarding propagating material you can contact Naktuinbouw’s Inspection department. We will ask you to formulate your complaint in writing and to provide all relevant information. We will then inform the accused party about the complaint and ask them to respond to it.

Naktuinbouw will visit the complainant, the accused and, if necessary, any other parties involved to obtain facts and investigate claims. No conclusions can or may be drawn in this phase of the research. Only when all the facts have been obtained and, if necessary, supplemented with results of extra laboratory tests and field trials will a decision be taken regarding the propagating material.

Duration of the research 

We will try to handle your complaint as quickly as possible, but our research may take some time, depending on the nature of the complaint. If our research will take fairly long we will inform the parties concerned of this.


We will send all parties involved a copy of our final report. This report will contain only technical information and results of research into facts and circumstances. It will not contain any statements on liability. Our final report will help the complainant and the accused party to arrive at a definitive (financial) handling of the complaint. The final report can also be used as evidence in legal proceedings.  

If you have a complaint, please fill in our complaint form and send it to us.

Complaint From Propagating Material