Renewed protocol for detecting viruses in fruit crops

News publication date: 17 July 2020

For more than 10 years, Naktuinbouw has offered a combined test for the detection of four viruses in fruit crops from the rose family (Rosaceae): namely apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (ACLSV), apple stem grooving virus (ASGV), apple stem pitting virus (ASPV) and apple mosaic virus (ApMV). In addition to apple, these viruses also infect pear and quince and can partly be found in prunus species (ACLSV, ApMV) and roses (ApMV). The test has been validated for all these crops.


The multiplex-PCR method has recently been optimised

Previously, an individual PCR was performed per virus. DNA fragments were identified using the gel electrophoresis technique. From now, the PCR will be performed using TaqMan. This technique makes it easier to detect the viruses at the same time and more material can now be combined for one sample. The fee is unchanged.   

  • Sample size:
    • Max. 25 leaves (young, mature leaves)
    • Max. 10 leaf buds (twigs)
  • Fee*: € 90.80 per sample
  • Duration of the test: average 3 days


*These are the test fees. For the standard fees and follow-up tests, please refer to the price list.