Virus and viroids

Naktuinbouw can test the quality of seed and plant material for the presence of viruses and viroids. These tests give you certainty as to the quality of your propagating material.

Requirements for submission

General submission requirements for samples:

  • Pack the material in plastic.
  • Send the material in a sturdy box. Attach the submission form to the outside of the box.
  • For moisture content determination in seed samples, please pack and send these in moisture-proof packaging.
  • If you mark your submission URGENT, the sample will be prioritised and dealt with as soon as possible. We will then charge the urgency fee (see list of fees).

In addition to the general submission requirements, there are also requirements relating to the material you submit.

Instructions for submitting seeds

  • For Naktuinbouw certificates, always send in at least twice the necessary amount of seed. This will ensure that there are no delays if a test has to be repeated.
  • If possible, always submit untreated seed samples. Seed treatment can affect the reliability of the health test results.
  • State on the submission form whether the seed has been disinfected.

Instructions for submitting leaf or stem material

  • Ideally we would like to receive your material by no later than the Wednesday before the week of the test.
  • Please do not send material on a Friday as it cannot be processed over the weekend.
  • For potyvirus testing, we require double the amount of material.

Shipping and delivery address for samples for testing:


Laboratory Administration

Sotaweg 22

2371 GD Roelofarendsveen, the Netherlands


In our list of fees you will find details of the fees for the various tests we can perform for you in a range of areas.


You can use the submission form to submit your sample for analysis. Send it in with your samples.