Naktuinbouw Certificate Arboricultural crops

If your propagating material complies with higher quality or health standards, it can be considered eligible for certification by Naktuinbouw. This quality-plus system enables you to demonstrate the added value or superior quality of your crops.

About the inspection

There are different types of certificates and marking strips available: white (certification includes origin) and orange (certification includes origin and virus free status).

Besides testing the external quality of propagating material, the internal quality and health are tested. The standards for quality-plus-systems are more stringent than our regular inspection standards. Laboratory tests are often required to establish if all the criteria have been complied with. When certified material is assessed, particular attention is paid to varietal trueness, varietal purity, origin, health (free of viruses, fungi, bacteria or nematodes) and quality. 

In arboriculture, Naktuinbouw Certification currently covers the following crops:

  • Avenue and Ornamental trees
  • Forest- & hedging plants​
  • Hosta 


The Naktuinbouw board establishes our inspection fees each year. The fees are subsequently approved by the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The costs are charged based on the cost-maker cost-bearer principle. The fees for inspection can be found here Rates/fees.