EU Phytosanitary Communication document

The EU Phytosanitary Communication document provides information about propagation or production of propagating material.

About the inspection

You should use the document if:

  1. you are propagating in the Netherlands, and
  2. are trading this material to another EU member state, and
  3. your customer wants to trade this material to a country outside the EU, and
  4. extra information is needed for this export that  cannot be established by an inspection of sample analysis, like production circumstances.


You can find information about legislation concerning the EU Phytosanitary Communication document on the NVWA website.


Dutch companies can request an EU Phytosanitary Communication document from Naktuinbouw. After we have received your request, the document will be sent to you by post within five working days. An invoice will be sent at the same time.

  1. Requests can only be made for products grown in the Netherlands.
  2. Ask the customer (in another member state) which type of declaration is required per organism (the requirement).
  3. Assess whether the requirement is visible on the product:
    a. Yes, request not possible
    b. No, request possible
  4. State this information on the application form
  5. State all the botanical names and the numbers. This is the minimum requirement per genus.


The Naktuinbouw board establishes our inspections fees each year. The fees are subsequently approved by the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The costs are charged based on the cost-maker cost-bearer principle. An application for the EU Phytosanitary Communication document costs € 50,- (excl. VAT).


Fill in the application form and send it to us by e-mail. For more information about the EU Phytosanitary Communication document, please contact us (see details below).

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