Visit PVP office USA

News publication date: 26 April 2018

From April 16-18, two employees from the American Plant Variety Protection office visited Naktuinbouw.

During the visit we discussed the strengthening of cooperation between the United States and the Netherlands in the field of DUS testing. At the request of companies Naktuinbouw carries out technical research for American Plant Breeders' Rights. That is a service. Naktuinbouw is now also going to offer this technical research for potato applications for American Plant Breeders' Rights. The United States Office wants to evaluate the requested technical questionnaires and, where possible, adapt them to the UPOV guidelines. We also discussed the adoption of DUS reports, denomination testing, access to databases and harmonization of characteristics. This leads to a further mapping of the (im)possibilities in the future. On April 18 the Americans visited Rijk Zwaan B.V. and PPO (WUR) in Lelystad.