Visit Nigeria for Plant Variety Protection Program

News publication date: 24 June 2019

At the end of May a delegation of two international experts visited Nigeria to develop an advice for the National Agricultural Seeds Council towards the implementation of a functional Plant Variety Protection system.

PVP- in Nigeria

The delegation consisted of the following people: Marien Valstar - Senior policy officer seeds at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Brian Udoh - Agricultural policy officer at the Dutch Embassy in Nigeria and Raoul Haegens - Senior project manager at Naktuinbouw.

During the visit specific actions were named that may become part of the envisaged vegetable, potato and seed sector development program in Nigeria, aligned with the SeedNL initiative.

Some actions with a specific focus on variety listing and PVP (Plant Variety Protection)

  • To organize a study visit from Nigerian stake holders / influencers to the Netherlands in September 2019.
  • Based on this study visit, to design a program for long term cooperation between Nigeria and The Netherlands.
  • To create a FAQ with facts about PVP.

Possible actions in the mid-term

  • Stimulate the use of private demonstration fields for registration purposes.
  • To organize awareness seminars / policy seminars on topics such as:
    - benefits of PVP
    - what hybrids are
    - how to organize a reliable seed system
    - how to link the PVP system to the seed law
    - how to create functional seed regulation and implementation. How to release varieties.
  • To organize trainings on UPOV/DUS testing in tomato, onion and pepper.

    PVP in Nigeria