Visit from Myanmar on Plant Variety Protection

News publication date: 12 March 2018

Three key officials from Myanmar for Seed and Plant Variety Protection policies are invited to visit the Netherlands. This week meetings with all relevant stakeholders in the seed chain (government, Board for plant varieties, inspection services, companies, service providers) are organised. This visit will give the Myanmar officials more understanding on the practicalities of a running PVP system in a country.

Myanmar has a plant breeder’s rights law which was approved in 2016. On 20 January 2017 it got into force. Up to today Myanmar is not a member of UPOV 91 (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants). The country has however initiated the procedure for acceding to the UPOV Convention. At the end of 2017 the UPOV Council took a positive decision on the conformity of the ‘Draft Law on New Plant Variety Protection’ (‘Draft Law’) of Myanmar with the provisions of the 1991 Act of the UPOV Convention, which allows Myanmar once the Draft Law is adopted with no changes and the Law is in force, to deposit its instrument of accession to the 1991 Act.

A PVP office is already stablished and situated in the DAR station in Yezin.

Decision makers will need to have a good knowledge of what it means to have a good working PVP System, UPOV based in their country. This experience helps the decision makers in Myanmar to decide to implement the PVP system: what is needed for the implementation of PVP and how the goals on PVP can be obtained.