Visit Dominican Repulic for Plant Variety Protection Program

News publication date: 27 May 2019

From 25 to 29 March a delegation of three international experts visited the Dominican Republic in the Framework of a Plant Variety Protection Development Program (Toolbox).


The program is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and food Quality. The Dominican Republic is an UPOV country since June 2007. However implementation still needs to be put in place. During this visit Mrs. Ana Luisa Díaz, Advisor PVP from Colombia, Mrs. Sra. Sara Quinteros Malpartida from the PVP office in Peru and Mrs. Laura Piñán González, DUS specialist at Naktuinbouw, provided technical assistance to the national PVP office to start operational procedures (forms, procedures, databases, analysis of denomination and DUS).

As a result of this visit on Friday 29 March the Plant Variety Office (OREVADO) was officially inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture, El sr. Osmar Benitez, and the Ambassador of the Netherlands, drs. Annemieke A. Verrijp.

The delegation also participated in a National Seminar for raising awareness among the local Universities, public research institutes, private breeders and farmers. The important role that Plant Breeders’ Rights plays - not only for the breeders - but also in providing farmers with much better varieties was emphasized during this seminar.