Update fees Naktuinbouw Laboratories

News publication date: 09 June 2017

Naktuinbouw Laboratories has made a few changes in the price list as of 1st June 2017.

Please find below the most relevant changes:

  • We added the codes of the test methods. These test codes can be used in MyNaktuinbouw to apply for laboratory tests.
  • The sample size per test method is now mentioned (if available). This information helps you to know the requested number of seeds, leaves or stem parts per test method.
  • For a few bacterial and virus tests the fees have been adjusted. We have done these adjustments based on cost calculation. For a small number of tests a fee has been added for a follow up test.

Would you like to have more information?

Please contact our team Lab Support  or call +31 71 332 62 26.

At the end of this year we will publish our price lists for 2018 for the departments Laboratories, Inspections and Varieties.