Rates Naktuinbouw 2019

News publication date: 04 December 2018

There are three price lists for our activities: Variety Testing, Inspections and Laboratories. Here you can read more information about the rates for 2019.

Laboratorium kiemkracht

Variety Testing

You can find the rates of the Variety Testing department on this website.

Board for plant varieties

After endorsement by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality the new rates of the Board for Plant Varieties will be set by 1 January 2019. These rates will be published on the website of the Board for plant varieties in the course of December. 


You will find the Inspection rates on our Dutch website. In January 2019 the Ministry of Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality will endorse the rates for 2019.

You can find the price list for International systems on this website.


The rates of Naktuinbouw Laboratories are adjusted annually to the rising costs. Last year there were almost no price changes. For 2019, the  rates for all laboratory tests will be  increased by 2.5%. Exception is the CGMMV bio assay: this rate will be increased to € 228.20.

More information?

Do you have any questions about the tariffs? Please feel free to contact us:

Variety Testing

Team Support, tel. +31 (0)71 332 61 21


Team International Systemens, tel. +31 (0)71 332 62 88


Administratie Laboratoria, tel. + 31 (0)71 332 62 26