PVP Toolbox useful and efficient

News publication date: 10 October 2019

An evaluation commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) and Naktuinbouw has revealed that the PVP Toolbox is useful and efficient.


In the past four years, numerous projects were implemented aimed at raising awareness of the importance of plant variety protection. These projects were funded by the Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Toolbox. As part of the projects, tools were used such as training, visits by delegations to the Netherlands and participation in the PVP course in Wageningen. The main demand for these projects is from Agriculture Councils.

Naktuinbouw and the Ministry requested an evaluation

The Ministry of LNV has assigned funding for the PVP Toolbox for a period of five years. Plant Breeders' Rights experts Chris van Winden and Kees van Ettekoven were asked to evaluate the functioning of the PVP Toolbox. During their careers they have gained wide international experience with Plant Breeders' Rights systems. For the evaluation they contacted ten Agriculture Councils and the members of the advisory group and steering committee of the PVP Toolbox.

The results are recorded in an evaluation report

The low administrative burden, expertise and flexibility are particularly appreciated. We have had financing for four years now and hope to continue the activities of the PVP toolbox in the future.

On Monday Mr van Winden and Mr van Ettekoven presented the evaluation report to Raoul Haegens and Laura Piñán Gonzalez of Naktuinbouw. Raoul and Laura are responsible for the implementation of the Toolbox projects.