Plant extract PCR for bacterial disease in Begonia spp.

News publication date: 24 June 2020

Naktuinbouw has a PCR test to analyze leaf samples of Begonia spp. for Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. begonia (X.a.beg). This bacterial disease causes leaf spot and/or brownish discoloration of the petiole or stem in Begonia varieties.

Bacterieziekte in Begonia

Until two years ago, this test was performed using an immunofluorescence technique (IF) on leaf material. However, this method was unable to detect all X.a.beg isolates. The variability of isolates was also increasing. For this reason, a TaqMan PCR was developed that can detect all variants.

As of July 1, this test is part of our standard test portfolio. You can submit either a plant sample of 1-2 leaves or a batch of max. 20 leaves for testing. A different fee applies to both sample types.


The PCR test can be done directly on leaf material. As this bacterium does not spread to all parts of the plant (non-systemic), it is important to submit whole leaves to obtain reliable results.

  • Plant sample:
    • Sample size: 1-2 whole leaves
    • Fee:* € 44.00
  • Batch sample:
    • Sample size: max 20 whole leaves 
    • Fee:* €66.00
  • Duration of the test: 3 days


*These are the test fees. For the standard fees and follow-up tests, please refer to the price list 2020.