Plant Breeders’ Rights in Mexico

News publication date: 10 July 2017

Plant Breeders’ Rights in Mexico are ready for an upgrade in the Plant Breeders’ Rights legislation. Mexico is highly motivated to improve its economic structure and competitive clout and to conclude trade agreements with countries other than the US.

Dutch mission to Mexico

A Dutch mission has recently visited Mexico in the context of the Plant Variety Protection Development Programme. Could the Netherlands help to strengthen the competitive clout of the Mexican ornamental plant sector by raising the possibilities of protection by Plant Breeders’ Rights to the level of the 1991 UPOV Convention? 

Mexican ornamental plant sector still underdeveloped

Negotiations with all the stakeholders led to the conclusion that the Mexican ornamental plant sector is a promising, but underdeveloped sector, lagging behind on account of inadequate regulations and insufficient compliance with Plant Breeders’ Rights. This situation deters foreign investors. And the consequence of this is that Mexican growers don’t have access to modern varieties, which greatly hampers export.

Sharing expertise with Mexico

The Netherlands has offered to share its expertise of present-day legislation in the field of Plant Breeders’ Rights, and to support Mexico in adjusting its regulations and legislation. The Mexican Ministry embraced the conclusions and recommendations.

Later this year a delegation of the Mexican government will visit the Netherlands to work things out in greater detail.