NEW: TaqMan RT-PCR for cucumber mosaic virus in horticultural crops

News publication date: 13 November 2019

Since recently, the test laboratory has been offering a new PCR method to detect cucumber mosaic virus (CMV). This virus can be transmitted by various species of aphids and has a very broad range of host plants. The symptoms can vary per crop. The test has been validated for plant material.

Kortere doorlooptijd met real-time PCR

The PCR is more sensitive than the existing ELISA method and more leaves can be combined per sample. In addition, this PCR detects all variants of the virus.

  • Sample: 25 pieces of leaf (max. 1 gram in total) can be collected in one extraction bag (brand Bioreba), or 25 whole leaves in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Fee PCR test: €64.80. The sliding scale fees for the PCR test are different from the ELISA. For the list of basic fees, see the price list.
  • Duration of the test: 3 days

The ELISA method can also still be requested. This method is cheaper, and the duration of the test is the same. 

The CMV test can be requested in combination with the tobacco rattle virus (TRV) test on the same sample.

See the price list Laboratories for basic fees.