NEW: Combined PCR for bacterial diseases in strawberries

News publication date: 24 October 2019

Our routine laboratory is now offering a test to detect Erwinia pyrifoliae in strawberries. This disease originally affected Asian pears (Nashi Pear). In 2013, the disease was detected in strawberry plants in the Netherlands.


From now, in addition to Xanthomonas fragariae, we can also test for the presence of Erwinia pyrifoliae in strawberries. The same sample is used for this combined test.

By using TaqMan-PCR, we can detect low concentrations which allows latent infections to be shown. This method also allows relatively large samples to be tested quickly.

  • Sample: 30 pooled leaves with petiole and leaf base.
  • Fee in combination with Xanthomonas fragariae: € 152.50 (Erwinia pyrifoliae only: € 127.50)*.
  • Duration of the test: 3 days.

*See the price list Laboratories for basic fees.