Naktuinbouw to transfer certain tasks to Clean Fruit Plants

News publication date: 01 March 2022

On 1 March 2022, Naktuinbouw will transfer the Maintenance & Propagation service to the Clean Fruit Plants foundation. Until now this work was done at Naktuinbouw’s Test Centre in Horst.

Kassen Horst

The Clean Fruit Plants foundation (CFP) is an independent foundation for the fruit sector. Naktuinbouw will be renting out its facilities in Horst to this new foundation for the next four years. 

The CFP Foundation can also make use of the capacity and expertise of the Naktuinbouw employees of the Test Centre in Horst. This guarantees the expertise for the sector and the continuity of this work. The Test Centre in Horst will continue to focus on virus testing, virus detection process orders (making virus-free) and Post Entry Quarantine when importing (new) fruit varieties. 


In 2019, the Naktuinbouw board decided that the tasks of ‘Maintaining and making available (multiplying) high-quality pre-basic propagating material’ would no longer match the core tasks of Naktuinbouw in the near future. The 17020 and 17025 accreditations form the basis for this decision. 
The business community wanted to retain the services and expertise, so an independent foundation for the fruit sector - the Clean Fruit Plants (CFP) foundation - was established. On 16 December 2021, the Naktuinbouw board decided to take the necessary steps for the formal transfer to CFP as of 1 March 2022.  

Objective of the Clean Fruit Plants foundation

The new foundation supports the international fruit crop sector in activities that enable the production of high-quality and healthy plant material for the international market. The chairman of the board is Mr Michiel Gerritsen. Mr Jan Veltmans is director of and spokesperson on behalf of CFP. More information about the foundation’s services can soon be found at

Approximately 80 national and international customers currently use the Maintenance & Propagation service. This customer base will largely be transferred to the new foundation.