Do you already know our portal myNaktuinbouw?

News publication date: 16 November 2020

myNaktuinbouw is your portal where you can find information that we share with you and that you share with us. It is an accessible and user friendly system in which you always have access to your file, tests and applications.


Variety Testing

As an applicant for Plant Breeders' Rights in the Netherlands you follow the process in myNaktuinbouw. You will see the status of DUS applications. You will find these topics in myNaktuinbouw per application:

  • General: this includes the contact details of the crop manager.

  • Research: information about submitting the material, start of the trial, similar varieties for the application, delivery date of the interim or final report.

  • Relationships: information about the applicant, grower, maintainer as entered on the application form.

  • Documents: exchanged correspondence / forms. There is a separate digital file for each DUS application.

  • Authorisation: here you will find your authorised applications for vegetable varieties.


In myNaktuinbouw you submit the lot declaration and, if necessary, also the crop declaration. We then plan and carry out the inspection activities. You can also order (value) documents or view inspection reports and (test) results. In the future, we will continue to develop your portal with even more useful functionalities. This way you can determine more and more how your interaction with Naktuinbouw is.

Laboratory tests

View the status and results of your requested tests in myNaktuinbouw. You can request tests for seed material via the customer portal.


Are you missing something in the customer portal or do you see other improvements? Please let us know via! Only with your help we can adapt myNaktuinbouw to your wishes.