Deadline scholarship program for PBR Course is 4 January 2021

News publication date: 16 December 2020

The course 'Plant Breeders’ Rights for food security and economic development' will be organised from 3 May till 25 June 2021. One of the possibilities of a scholarship for this course is the Orange Knowledge Program. The application deadline for this program is 4 January 2021.

This course aims at facilitating the introduction and practical implementation of Plant Breeders’ Rights in countries where legislation on this matter is being developed or has recently been passed. And at a better understanding of how a Plant Variety Protection System works for those who are involved in the registration of new varieties.

Naktuinbouw organises this course in collaboration with Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen UR.


Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation has no funds to financially support participants to take part in one of the courses. Fortunately, different sources provide scholarships for postgraduates.

The most common ones are the Orange Knowledge Programme, MENA Scholarship Programme and StuNed. Early application is recommended as some procedures to finalise subscription (f.e. funding, visa) can take some time.

F.Y.I. Application for the Orange Knowledge Program is 4 January 2021Read here how to apply.