Converting file formats

News publication date: 20 June 2019

Do you want to make sure your email with attachments arrive us? Then convert attachments to the new file formats: .docx and .xlsx. In December 2016 we sharpened our digital security. Our spam filter now blocks file formats of Microsoft Office 2003 and earlier.

Please convert all your documents to the new file format

Then you're sure your email will arrive at those for whom it is intended. There are many documents in circulation with an old file format. When you convert the old format to the new version of Word and Excel, emails will arrive at the recipient. This involves converting .doc to .docx and .xls to .xlsx. Only the adjustment of the file name is not sufficient. As off from Microsoft Office 2007, you can opt for the new file formats.

We block Word and Excel documents in the old format

Such as .doc and .xls files. Also .zip files are blocked. Sometimes this is at the expense of reliable emails. Is there an attachment with an old file? Then the mail will be blocked by the spam filter. The sender will receive an email in return with the reason 'Rejecting banned file attachment’.