Breeders trials for listing in the Netherlands from 2021

News publication date: 02 November 2020

DUS testing in The Netherlands usually takes place at Naktuinbouw. If the DUS test is for listing, it may partly take place at the breeders’ premises. We intend to invoice € 100 for a breeders co-trial, as from 2021. With this fee we judge the result of the breeders’ co-trial and we combine it with the results of the official test.

DUS-onderzoek Sla

Varieties can be listed within one year with a breeders’ co-trial

A co-trials at your premises offers you the possibility of faster and much cheaper listing of your variety. Normally a breeders’ co-trial and one official trial at Naktuinbouw is sufficient. The new fee covers our costs.

Perform the trial and observe yourself

You may not only perform the trial, but also do the observations yourself. We will adapt the application form. We ask for photo’s that support the observations. The number of plants should be in line with CPVO protocols. Naktuinbouw judges your result and combines it with the result in our official trial. Or do you prefer that our inspector does the observations in your trial? In that case the fee is € 250.

The Ministry of LNV decides on short notice on the proposal to set a fee

After that we’ll inform you through the newsletter and the websites of Naktuinbouw and Board for Plant Varieties. Details on breeders’ co-trials will be communicated soon with companies who used this system in recent years.